Out of Hours


Tel: 01859 502421

The office is closed from 17:00 until 08:00 during the week and from 17:00  Friday until 08:00 Monday.

We are not open on weekends.

If you require urgent medical attention during these hours, please phone the surgery on 01859 502421, a recorded message will tell you the emergency contact number you should phone.

The GP is on call from 17:00 till 18:00 every evening.  Patients who are not housebound can be see at that time at the Tarbert Clinic, where full medical treatment facilities are available.

If you know someone who has difficulty using a telephone or dialling the surgery number then please let us know. We would encourage all such patients to have the Faire phone system installed, one touch of a button will make contact with the operator. Full details are available on a leaflet at the surgery.

If at any time you have a medical emergency that needs urgent medical attention then either phone the surgery number 01859 502421 and ask NHS 24 to send help urgently, or dial 999.